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4 Nov


We all take turns

being the crazy in the room.

Maybe you didn’t handle it well.

Don’t beat this thing to death.

You are one of the crowd

when we want what we want.

Next time…


breath in

center your self.

Come on,

It’s not that hard.


proceed, do your thing.

You are not perfect,

neither am I

nor is the next guy.

Give your self some credit,

for your participation.


Some just opt out from trying again,

And regret the things they didn’t do.

The Literary Syndicate Feature

16 Oct


My poem Gone But Not Forgotten is the first Syndicate Feature. Share the love, re-blogs, tweets, Facebook shares are always much appreciated.

Who will it be next time? It may just be you! Thank you for stopping by.

Ascent Aspirations Magazine News June 2013 Issue

13 Jun


Ascent Aspirations Current Issue June 2013

The Annual Ascent Aspirations Print Anthology Contest for Summer 2013
We are currently in the judging process.
See details at the following link:

New Spoken Word Videos
Each month we will be featuring two spoken word artists. This month with the double issue, we have four highly acclaimed spoken word poets,

Kendall Patrick and Sebastien Wen

We accept submissions year round and decide on placement of accepted submissions for future issues. At present we are attempting to read submissions once a week for all the submissions submitted for that week.

Accepting poetry for January 2014 and beyond. (We will be publishing 9 poets per issue.)

Accepting short fiction for December 2013 and beyond. (We will be publishing 4 short stories per issue.)

Accepting visual art for December 2013 and beyond. (We will be publishing 2 to 3 exhibits per
issue.) Accepting Spoken word videos already uploaded to YouTube for August 2013 and beyond. (We will be publishing 2 spoken word artists per issue.)

Accepting essays for July 2013 and beyond. (We will be publishing 2 essays per

Accepting book reviews for September 2013 and beyond. (We will be publishing 1 to 2 reviews per issue.)

Sensory Impression

23 Feb


We stayed on the hill,

very close.

A loud bang,

into the dark.

Colored sprays of light,

spread across,

the moonless sky.

Loud bangs,

the swoosh of rockets,

roman candles,

golden showers.


Cascades of silver, green and blue,

A louder bang!

The firework display contuinued,

Even though that was then,

and this is now,

I remember it all so well,

That magical night,

when my heart found its home.

copyright 2013 Angie Skelhorn

Submitting to The Oracle

12 Feb


I’ve been published in GlobalGoddess.org. Why refuse this opportunity? Submit!

The Oracle is published just prior to each of the eight Sabbats in our Wheel of the Year. We welcome submissions from all, as long as the content is appropriate to our publication. Because Global Goddess is an organization for women, our e-zine is written to appeal to that audience. If you are interested in submitting to The Oracle please read our guidelines shown below:

Spring Equinox Issue: The deadline is March 10, 2013. The themes for this issue are: The planet: Mercury; Element of Air; Direction: East; Goddesses: Persephone, Kore; and Keywords: Rebirth, Emerging, and Healing, The Maiden.

We are looking for both regular feature writers and columnists, and we welcome suggestions for regular features. Volunteers for features are encouraged. We cannot guarantee we will use every submission, but we will do our best to create a well-rounded, informational E-Zine. Features short articles, interviews, news items, criticism, reviews. Photos, poetry, and art published sparingly. Accepts a wide range of fine writing and art about women’s spirituality and other related themes. Selection based only on quality. Reserves the right to edit all submissions, but we ask that all submissions be fully checked for grammatical and spelling errors. No pornographic, racist, or sexist material. Previously published material considered if accompanied by copyright holder’s permission. Simultaneous submissions discouraged.

Payment: none.

Areas of Interest: The Goddess, ancient religions, transformation, women’s studies, feminism, healing, divination, comparative spiritual traditions, human relations, community, and/or significant works by women authors.

Articles submitted that appear to be written for the express purpose of soliciting business will be considered advertising and fees will apply. We will always provide a link to an author’s site but wish to discourage submissions with the intent to advertise. We welcome financial sponsors. If you would like to advertise your own personal business or event in the Oracle, a typical ad such as you will find in each edition runs $10. Contact Bendis for details oracle@globalgoddess.org

Belladonna – Editor

Sara – Asst Editor

Bendis ~ Publisher

Heather ~ Web Development

The Lesson Of Infatuation

9 Feb



I met a guy,

He had a kind and gentle way.

He made the boring things in life exciting.

Through my eyes,

He could do no wrong.

Over time –

I gave him trust and blind adoration.

To me,

It had to be,

More than a fleeing thing.

He wormed his way into my heart.


I can’t toss away the memories,

They go everywhere I do.

The little things,

The little things that change your life,

It wasn’t what I expected,

It didn’t make no sense,

When the whispers began.

Engaged, she’s pregnant,

He had another.

With Me,

He wanted some fun-

A fling.


Whatever comes my way,

Comes my way.

The lesson don’t hold on to the negative.

Take risks,

Have the courage to fail.

I’ve learned.


The little things,

The little things can change your life.

Dictated moments you can neither expect or control.

If I hadn’t taken a chance,

And said, “It’s all or nothing,”

Instead live the infatuation,

of Him,

I would never discovered the truth.

I couldn’t have found a rare and amazing man like YOU!

Wouldn’t you love to read a quick love story on your lunch hour or on your travels? My short read Till Death and Beyond would be perfect!

Read an excerpt for my book at – http://AngieSkelhorn.com/book-trailer-Till-Death–Beyond.html

Smile, brightened someone’s day & made the world a better place!

copyright 2013 Angie Skelhorn

Waiting for Him…

2 Jan

Young Lady,

Let me wipe away your tears,

It will take some time,

You’ll be fine.

I hear you…

Your heart is numb.

In the beginning,

You and the boy next door,

You two began as friends,

Playing patty cake, patty cake,

Building castles in the sand.

Then in your teens,

You experienced such explosive chemistry,

You dreamt you’d walk hand in hand,

Together forever.

But over time,

Dreams with him never materialized,

And wishing didn’t make it so,

If he wanted,

Miles wouldn’t separate you two,

He cares I’m sure,

Yet that’s not enough.

With family and friends gathered,

His formal shirt, tuxedo and cummerbund,

Flower Girl, Bridesmaids,

The white satin and lace,

The beautiful blooming bouquet,

and glimmering diamond ring,

Tells you the truth,

You’re not the One.

Time stopped,

Your heart shattered,

Your faith in love destroyed,

Release, Let go,


Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fawner,

You’ll forget him, and then,

A song, a place, a friend,

will bring back all that was lost again.

If you don’t mind may I ask,

What did he do to set your heart aglow?

Was he really there for you when you were blue?

Based on your observations was he really true?

Did he only take and never give.

Cherish what you think you had.

But see it for whar it is.

This is one chapter in the Book titled,

This is your Life.

When you write the next page,

Admit to yourself what you need.


With an open mind and heart,

Make wiser choices,

Feel again,

Believe and discover,

The hero of a beautiful love story.

copyright 2013 Angie Skelhorn