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Your Life – Your Choice

6 Jan

We are all sexual beings in an out-of-control environment. In movies, television and magazines, each figure is inspected and scrutinized, valued for being sexy and attractive.

Advertising dictates sex and body parts are the only thing people are worth.

We are all sexual beings with the power how to express that. Some women want their heart’s desire; others just want sex, sometimes both, other times neither. People have sex. Almost everyone is capable. Sex can create life, release stress, or share in closeness.

Some women find it easier to release inhibitions. They have a more relaxed point of view. Those women readily display their sexual side. The may ooze sex to manipulate, toy with others emotions in order to get what they want. Money can make someone real attractive. Sex appeal rises with both wealth and looks.

Some females aspire to be sexy and hot. They try to be as provocative as possible to capture the attention of as many admirers as possible. They will compete for the hottest, cutest mate. There is a group of women who believe there should be shared respect and admiration in order to express their sexual side.

A woman shouldn’t compare herself by other females’ standards. People do what they do. It’s just the way it is. No ones life is the same. We all have a rebellious streak.

One must decide for themselves if they want image or substance – sex or a meaningful relationship. There is a message we send out by the way we dress and act. We teach people how to treat us, either as a booty-call or relationship material. When we pursue certain life-styles, activities, or people, like everything there are consequences.

What you project, you will attract. If sex is used as a game, you may never be taken seriously by a potential partner. To pick and choose by height, hair, eye color and weight, you, too, will be judged by the physical. If you can control your sexual impulses and try to get to know a person’s character you may discover a mind, heart and body connection. Someone you’re attracted to who will treat you well and motivate you to do better.

Both men and women enjoy the conquest. Many in society have come to view sex as being a form of recreation and separate it from love; this compartmentalization confuses others. Love triangles, betrayals and intrigues can take a long time to recover from.

We all have different standards. Some people put much value on diversity and intercourse. Others are looking for quality that is going to last. If you are okay with what you are doing and the results, more power to you. If not, change your standards, you’ll find you may change your choices. Self-control, you might meet someone attracted to you, for you. Looks good, feels good, why not? You might someone who will like you for your body parts and what you can do with them.

What one achieves is to be achieved through ones self-motivated effort.

Published @ GlobalGoddess.org Oracle June 17/09