The Liebster Award

5 Jun


Thank you Briana Vedsted at for nominating me for the Liesbter Award. I am thrilled to take part. I started the blog to help fellow writers and myself promote our writing.

Here are the rules:

First is to accept the award, post the picture of the Liebster Award on the top of post and say who nominated you for the award and list their blog site.

•Rule number 1 is to list 11 random facts about me.
•Rule number 2 is to nominate 11 other bloggers for the Liebster Award and list their blogsites.
•Rule number 3 is to notify the bloggers of their award.
•Rule number 4 is to ask the award winners 11 questions to answer when they accept their Liebster Award.
•Rule number 5 is I answer the questions left for me by the blogger who gave me the award.

11 Random facts about me:

1. My dad is my best friend

2. I enjoy fast food

3 I dislike washing dishes

4. I rather spend time with animals than people

5. I like the song birds singing in the morning

6. at night the sound of the frogs croaking in the hayfields

7. I pray every day

8. I watch Dance Moms

9. I listen to Tupac and JayZ

10. I took tap and batton lessons

11. I’m in love

Questions for my nominees to answer:

1.What is your pet peeve. My pet peeve is sneaky people.

2. Where do like to go on vaction. To take a break from Canada’s cold winter I fly to Santa Barbara California to visit with my sister and her husband.

3. Who is your favorite singer. That is a tough question to answer. My mood dictates who I listen to.

4. Do you have a nickname? Yes, I have a few.

5. Is there something you collect. I keep feathers I find.

6. If you could go back in time for a day, what year would you go to? I would go back to a summer night of 1986.

7. What is your favorite color. My favorite color is forest green but I wear mostly grey and dark blue.

8. What smells reminds you of home. The smell of Lilacs and a flowering almond tree reminds me of home

9. What was your first pet. My first pet was a brown with biege cat I named Sweets.

10. What is your most prized possession. My most prized possession are my gold pentagram rings.

11. Name your favorite book off the top of your head. My favorite book is Let Me Make Myself Plain A Personal Antholoy by Catherine Cookson.

I nominated you for the Liebster award! Join in 🙂


My questions for my nominees are –

1.What made you start blogging?
2.What are your top 3 locations you would love to travel?
3.What are your top 2 novels?
4.If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say
5.When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
6.If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try?
7.Who is your favorite Author?
8.How many books do you read in a year?
9.What is your dream job?
10.How long have you been blogging?
11.What is your preferred genera?

Smiles and Sunshine 🙂

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