Waiting for Him…

2 Jan

Young Lady,

Let me wipe away your tears,

It will take some time,

You’ll be fine.

I hear you…

Your heart is numb.

In the beginning,

You and the boy next door,

You two began as friends,

Playing patty cake, patty cake,

Building castles in the sand.

Then in your teens,

You experienced such explosive chemistry,

You dreamt you’d walk hand in hand,

Together forever.

But over time,

Dreams with him never materialized,

And wishing didn’t make it so,

If he wanted,

Miles wouldn’t separate you two,

He cares I’m sure,

Yet that’s not enough.

With family and friends gathered,

His formal shirt, tuxedo and cummerbund,

Flower Girl, Bridesmaids,

The white satin and lace,

The beautiful blooming bouquet,

and glimmering diamond ring,

Tells you the truth,

You’re not the One.

Time stopped,

Your heart shattered,

Your faith in love destroyed,

Release, Let go,


Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fawner,

You’ll forget him, and then,

A song, a place, a friend,

will bring back all that was lost again.

If you don’t mind may I ask,

What did he do to set your heart aglow?

Was he really there for you when you were blue?

Based on your observations was he really true?

Did he only take and never give.

Cherish what you think you had.

But see it for whar it is.

This is one chapter in the Book titled,

This is your Life.

When you write the next page,

Admit to yourself what you need.


With an open mind and heart,

Make wiser choices,

Feel again,

Believe and discover,

The hero of a beautiful love story.

copyright 2013 Angie Skelhorn

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